Uminono x SakeBox bring together the ultimate sensory experience.

Sip with us. For one night only, we are opening our secret rooftop to a lucky few.
We invite you to join us for an exclusive tasting under the stars.

Spend an intimate evening discovering the true taste of sushi with private chef Arnaud of Uminono as he prepares them right before your eyes. Nothing could be fresher! Paired with a curation of premium Japanese Sake from the SakeBox kura (cellar), we will guide you through a detailed sushi and sake tasting, giving you the ultimate sensory experience.

Begin your evening with a bespoke cocktail upon arrival as you drink in an unmatched view of the Melbourne skyline and nosh on a spread of artisanal cheese and charcuterie.

Featuring a Sushi x Sake Bar with exquisite nigiri paired with premium sake:

  • Kombu — Aged King Dory, topped with ginger, onion & apple paste
    traditionally brewed Yamahai Jikomi
  • Gold Band Snapper, with a secret brown butter sauce
    x cloudy, unfiltered 
  • Salmon, topped with roasted garlic paste
    x premium plum wine 
  • Scallop, torched & topped with burnt orange
    x vintage sake Koshu Gold

Finish on a high note with  a special Japanese dessert and a take-home  gift — your very own handmade and hand painted ochoko (ceramic sake cup).

We look forward to sipping with you.


乾杯 Kanpai!

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© SAKEBOX 2019

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ABN 41 618 578 859

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